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A finished product of ARMAGAN Group is a wheat roll, a lavash Wheat Roll of the Armenian lavash type is a completely new trend in bakery. The Wheat Roll differs from an ordinary lavash in the production technology. Due to the state-of-the-art automated line, human factor in the production process is reduced to minimum, production has the highest hygienic level, dough is rolled out and baked through evenly, and it does not have any unbaked thick edges, which are almost unfit for eating as an ordinary lavash has. The recipe of the Wheat Roll does not include yeast, which is unique as there are almost no analogues of non-yeast bread on the Russian market.


The Wheat Roll is an ideal type of bread for making different rolls and it is quite a godsend for a cookery expert. As opposed to the ordinary lavash, you do not need to cut the thick edges of the Wheat Roll before you wrap in any filling. The Wheat Roll length makes up 120 cm, which is convenient for making rolls. Roll package is also convenient as the Wheat Roll is lengthwise packed in cellophane and is not piled in layers inside the package, which is very practical in use, as you do not need to take the whole bread out, you can take from the package out particularly that amount which you need.


In spite of all standards, the Wheat Roll practically does not have any best before date; in a dried state it can be kept for months and even years, then you just need to spray it with a little amount of water and it becomes soft and fresh again. It is important that this effect is achieved without any chemical additives, because the Wheat Roll is produced exclusively of natural ingredients without any harmful additives. The lavash was initially invented by a long-suffering nation that had experienced much. They invented a kind of bread that can be kept long-time and does not spoil, which you can take with you to a long journey without having any troubles with baking new bread on your way. In addition to these practical features of the Wheat Roll, it is also healthy, because it does not contain yeast; it takes care of our digestive system and the whole organism.

Thus, Wheat Roll advantages are as follows:

  1. Minimum human factor in bread production
  2. Dough gets baked evenly and thoroughly
  3. No yeast and harmful additives in composition
  4. Convenience and practical usability


Products produced on the new line of AL-5-150: