Production of customized automated lines for food industry
Production of trade vans and kiosks for street trade 
         Sale of the wheat roll (lavash)
                 and the Uzbek flat cake production lines 


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Our company produces confectionary equipment, automated manufacturing lines, food production equipment, automatic machines and robots, baking equipment, as well as customized equipment.

Our company’s mission is minimization of human factor impact at the place production. You may buy our equipment.

Armagan Company has been working in St. Petersburg since 1995 under the Kervel brand.

LLC Armagan produced and sold bakery goods and confectionary, which afterwards received many awards both in St. Petersburg and in other cities. The range of our company’s products included more than 60 product names.

ARMAGAN Company provides the following services:

Wholesale deliveries of the wheat roll (Armenian lavash) throughout Russia

Production of equipment for manufacturing of confectionary, bakery and other food products including those by individual orders

Delivery of the automated line for wheat rolls (Armenian lavash) production throughout Russia

Delivery of automated line for Uzbek flat cake production

Automated production lines are always available

Nowadays our production is represented in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Kaliningrad. The main product of our company is the wheat roll (Armenian lavash). This product may be found in the biggest chain stores of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Moreover, our company produces customized food production equipment. Now, we always have an automated line for wheat roll production available; it was developed by our construction department especially for our own production. This line is fully automated and unique, and it has a range of advantages compared to similar equipment.

LLC Armagan cooperates with:

Dealers for wheat roll (Armenian lavash) sales. Become a dealer.

Bakery plants which desire to have wheat rolls (Armenian lavash) among their range of products or auxiliary equipment for production of various bakery goods, confectionary and other food products.

To order the line, please fill in a purchase order form.

To order the customized equipment, please fill in a purchase order form.

Due to the new technologies, the lavash method of production significantly differs from traditional ways. Formerly, the dough was cut into pieces, rolled out, and baked single-piece. Now, lavash production equipment allows us to form, roll out, and bake the product in automated mode, due to it the lavash is sold for minimal prices. A dough band is baked which is afterwards cut and moistened.

Nowadays, we have a lavash production line that allows us to produce a huge amount of products of different form and size. Lavash is produced as follows: at first, the dough is made in kneader, and then lavash production equipment puts mature dough into the dough-molding machine, which makes a dough band.

Equipment for Armenian lavash is also fitted out with special devices regulating thickness, size, form, and efficiency. After that, the dough is put into oven and baked. A finished band is sent to stabilization conveyor equipped with shear mechanism. After cutting into pieces lavash is put into bags. Lavash production line can work twenty-four hours a day.

If you have equipment for Armenian lavash production, you may increase productivity up to 2.5 tons per shift, thus lavash sales will bring you more profit. Furthermore, if you use a lavash production line you may have a minimum amount of workers: a dough-maker and a finished product receiver. Baking is provided evenly with lavash having the same width throughout its whole surface.

In order to open an own bakery, you will need to invest much. It is important to choose bakery equipment that is capable to turn practically an idea into a finished product.

Each bakery needs a baking oven. Before you buy bakery equipment, you should choose it. There are several types of ovens: convection ovens, hearths, tunnel, and rotating ovens. High capacity workshops use rotating or tunnel ovens as they can produce up to several hundreds of finished products per hour. Such ovens are especially convenient for baking huge amounts of one product type.

For small enterprises, convection ovens are optimal. Such bakery equipment is characterized by small size and high performance. Moreover, convection ovens are equipped with different format trays and products are baked in small lots allowing one to achieve a wider range of products.

When choosing bakery equipment among items for significantly varying prices, you should take into account the enterprise production capacity. If it is a high-capacity baking factory, the main equipment will comprise rotating or tunnel ovens. However, buying bakery equipment requires quite a huge sum of money sometimes being more than an ordinary baker can afford. If entrepreneur aims to launch a small production, he would better opt for convection ovens.

You should take into consideration that when you buy bakery equipment, prices do not always correspond to quality. You may buy bakery equipment for a significant sum, but it does not guarantee high quality. Ovens of prominent companies are rather expensive, but not always qualitative, as we may say from a first-hand experience, since we have improved and remodeled foreign equipment. If you make a right choice, you can avoid extra difficulties when starting production.

The modern industry of food processing and production cannot work effectively without safe equipment. Food industry technological lines robotize almost all processes of this branch. Food industry companies differ in accordance with those products that they produce, but each of them requires modern and high productive technological lines. Food industry equipment production is distinguished by different technical lines, high operating standards of its products, application of modern designs and materials. A tailored food industry operation depends not only on the quantity of produced goods, but also on its quality, and therefore, on the products’ consumption performance. Manufacturing of food industry equipment increases working efficiency; at the same time it guarantees compliance with goods production technology and safety of their consumption.

Food production technological lines are installed at meat and vegetables processing factories. Automated lines for bakery and confectionary production are indispensable. Modern technology helps confectioners expand the range of pastry, robotize all stages of making dough, cream, producing sweets and other items. At the same time, the quantity of produced goods increases as well.

Bread baking is a very important and hard job. Making dough, putting it into forms, arranging forms in the oven—all these processes are now performed by modern equipment for baking factories, which has made bread output enough for any locality. Automated lines for bakery production can precisely measure doses for baking bread, produce items of different form. High taste qualities, attractive marketable condition, absolute safety of bakery for health became possible due to technical developments. Bakery factory equipment includes not only ovens, but also devices for cutting and packing bakery items. Technological lines for bakery products manufacturing are developed for both huge bakery factories and small bakeshops. Equipment designs are characterized by high assembly precision, durable materials application; they provide fail-safe and effective production cycle of food industry enterprises. Bakery equipment is intended for quite different recipes. Manufacturing of food industry equipment considers all requirements and desires of the branch specialists.


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